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Compared with traditional storage and transportation methods, containerization offers greater efficiency and economy in storing and transporting a wide variety of goods. Containerization minimizes direct access to and handling of goods and thus reduces losses from pilferage and damage. In addition, the protection to goods provided by containers often helps replace any special packaging that may otherwise be required.

Tristar Containers

Tristar Container Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of superior quality containers (both new and used) to its customers and supports them with in-house marketing, finance and engineering expertise. Tristar containers are designed for strength, to carry maximum payloads, to resist damage, wear and tear, and to ultimately reflect for our customers the lowest possible operating costs. In addition to utilizing the services of internationally recognized certification agencies, Tristar Container Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. engineering staff and appointed experts carry out thorough inspections both during and upon completion of new container manufacture.

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