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Bulk containers are food-grade and ideal for transporting bulk products and provide an alternative to using liners in standard containers. These containers are easier for loading and unloading of food grain, powders etc and reduces packaging and transportation costs. These are super-heavy containers with 34T capacity.

Internal Dimensions Door
Tare Weight Cubic Capacity Payload
20' Standard
L: 5,854 mm
W: 2,332 mm
H: 2,382 mm
W: 2,340 mm
H: 2,301 mm
2,960 kg 32.5 cbm 31,040 kg
Front Hatch
Rear Hatch
Roof Hatch
W: 2,200 mm
H: 500 mm
L: 432 mm
W: 270 mm
Nos: 2
D: 610 mm
Nos: 3